Russia May Target Turkish Economy

The United Nations and NATO are attempting to defuse a situation between Russia and Turkey wherein a Sukhoi Su24 aircraft went down after Turkey-sanctioned rebels shot down the aircraft that flew into Turkish airspace. Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned that Turkey faces “serious consequences” for its role in the Russian aircraft downing. The relationship […]

China’s Economic Slowdown Scare Away Asia’s Investors

Asia’s investors lose steam as losses from Wall Street duplicates with stock markets in Asia due to fears that China’s contraction continues to worsen. Shares in Asia end up with their lowest levels in three years. The Nikkei 225 had gone down to714.27 points. China’s blue-chip CSI index and the Shanghai Composite Index were down […]

Russian Economy Wobbles. Putin Asks For Nationalist Support

During his speech with a backdrop of a destroyer in the Baltic Sea in the town of Baltiysk, Russian President Vladimir Putin invoked national pride and military glory, and had also called for everyone to support the party as they go through tough economic times. With local protests to possibly happen due to the deteriorating […]

The Threats to UK’s Economic Growth

Economic analysts said that UK’s economic growth is progressing, but possible housing bubbles, deficits and unstable manufacturing and industrial growth threaten the progress of UK’s rise from the ashes. The UK is enjoying economic growth, with foreign investors such as Dubai-based DP World, a port operation company, investing £1.5 billion on the transformation of a […]

Boardrooms See Higher Population of Women, But Smaller Executive Roles

Analysts say that some FTSE 100 firms have a large number of women as boardroom members but only a few women in powerful executive positions. The report from Lord Mervyn Davies indicates that 25% of boardroom members are women. However, only 8.6% hold an executive position in all FTSE 100 companies. They praise the increase […]

Analysts Agree That The World’ Seven Year Slump Is the Slowest

According to Hammond Solutions Inc. Chief Executive Officer Bill Hammond “It has become clear that we are really dealing with a different kind of economic recovery than anyone has experienced since World War II.” He has been in a globally-focused business through 37 years and has seen the many changes in the world’s economic cycles. […]

The UK May Face Great Economic Consequences With A Serious Power Disruption

According to a Royal Academy of Engineering report, the UK could face severe economic consequences with a serious power supply disruption. With increasing electricity quality and the absence of blackouts for forty years, UK’s economy is dependent on its electricity. Lifestyles have been fragmented on the fragile foundation of electric grids. CBE FREng of the […]

Changing Global Economy in 15 Years Will Help Achieve Global Economic Prosperity and Lower Emissions

Ahead of a UN Global Summit Meeting of world leaders, the report from the OECD, UN and the IMF, including Lord Stern, revealed that handling climate change and changing the shape of the global economy within 15 years will help advance economies as well. UK Prime Minister David Cameron will be leading the calls to […]

Scotland’s Independence May Mean Trouble for UK

North Ireland is to suffer greatly if Scotland will vote “yes” on the Independence Referendum on September 18 according to economists. Companies have £250 million worth deals with Scotland in the previous year. However, pro-Independence parties said that Scotland’s poor economy, which the “no” campaign compared as lower than Pakistan, is because of its small […]

US Economy Blooms in Summer

According to the US Federal Reserve’s Beige Book Report, the United States economy had improved its economy from winter to summer as all regions of the country were seeing continued expansion. On Wednesday, the Beige Book report, based on economic conditions six weeks before July 7, finds the US economy depressed during the cold, snowy […]

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